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Kids in Worship

Infant – 4 years


Nursery care is available during worship services for caregivers that would like to use it. There is plenty of space for young children to rest and play, and loving volunteers to care for them.

Please fill out the sign-in sheet for the nursery, so that if there is a problem, a nursery attendant can get a message to you quickly and easily.

Stay and play!

Flexible Play Area

At the back of the sanctuary there is a space that is meant for anyone needing a little bit of flexible play space. A great place to play with soft/quiet toys, draw or color, or just lay down and relax while engaging in the service.

This isn’t a supervised space; please be available to help your children when they are in this area. We are always looking for more quiet toys, small tables, and comfy resting spots for this area.

Needing some Space?

Caregiver & Child Room

If you prefer to keep your child with you during the service but you feel like they are having a hard time with everything happening during the service, you are welcome to take them into the Caregiver & Child Room. Sometimes referred to as a “cry room,” this slightly separated space is more comfortable for some caregivers that are worried that their children are distracting others. We also have monitors throughout the building that share the livestream for anyone that finds that they need to leave the sanctuary.

Children are always welcome to remain in the service. They sometimes get the wiggles or can’t quite manage to remain quiet for an hour, and that’s okay! This is just one option for children, and we see options as one way to make sure that everyone has a space that they feel comfortable and welcome.